What is Cryotherapy?

Modern applications began during the 1970s in Japan, where cryotherapy treatments were used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, several clinical studies have been conducted in Europe, which developed the whole body cryotherapy units in use today.

The user stands inside the octagonal-shaped chamber during treatment on an adjustable platform, which ensures their head remains outside the chamber. The Cryotherapy chamber is filled with nitrogen vapor, which drops the temperature to a range of (minus) -220°F to -270°F (-140°C to -170°C) and temporarily lowers the temperature of the skin’s top layer.

The treatment lasts a maximum of three minutes. During the process, the skin sends signals to the brain, which stimulates physical reactions and activates naturally occurring healing resources. Once out of the chamber, the body immediately reheats.

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What do the Tennessee Volunteers, Lebron James, and numerous other professional and collegiate sport teams have in common? They understand that faster recovery permits a consistent and frequent training schedule which is central to performance and development. Our Cryotherapy unit is the means to significantly accelerate recovery. Athletes with poor recovery and frequent injuries are prevented from the consistency needed to reach optimal performance levels.

Athletes seeking maximum performance and competitive fitness advantages should utilize whole body cryotherapy in their training and recovery regimen to help attain their goals. Whether you desire better muscle healing, decreased fatigue, or accelerated recovery time, come Cryobus with us.

  • Improves recovery time during training and from injury
  • Increases energy levels and stamina
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body
  • Relieves pain in joints and muscles
  • Decreased muscle fatigue and sustained performance


The term cryotherapy comes from the Greek words cryo, meaning “cold”, and therapy, meaning “cure.”  Ice packs and ice baths have long been used to reduce swelling and inflammation. Whole body cryotherapy is a faster and more effective way to cool damaged tissue, and effectively treat several conditions on the path to improving a patient’s overall health. If you are looking to decrease pain, speed the healing process, or simply improve general health and wellness, whole body cryotherapy is right for you.

In addition to reducing chronic pain and enhancing systemic immunity, studies and other reported benefits indicate that cryotherapy significantly improves symptoms related to:

  • Tendonitis and joint inflammation
  • Postoperative recovery
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Psoriasis


While the results of cryotherapy can be impressive internally, they can be equally as rewarding on the outside. Whole Body Cryotherapy initiates the body’s natural healing, detoxification, and rejuvenation processes. Due to the improvement of circulation as your body works harder to reheat and transport blood, coupled with the rush of oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood back to the surface of the skin following a treatment, many report improved smooth, even skin tone. Reported benefits include the following:

  • Increased metabolism and weight management benefits
  • Increased collagen production
  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Cellulite reduction

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