I am a 48 year old woman and I have had active psoriatic arthritis since I was 5 years old. I try to take as little medicine as possible. I’ve had many orthopedic surgeries. I have been in and out of physical therapy most of my life, for too many joints and muscle/soft tissue issues to list. I exercise moderately 5 days a week, and stay active with my house and yard. I have pain. I always have and I always will. To a large degree, I am used to it. My morning stiffness has lasted 1-2 hours for as long as I can remember. I tried the Cryobus after my 17 year old son used it for a sports injury with great success. I was petrified, truly. I do not like cold. I don’t do ice baths. After PT, I always want heat. But I tried cryotherapy with the ETSS Cryobus…and I survived. It wasn’t even terrible . And the next morning? No morning stiffness. None. NONE. I have been doing it once a week and continue to have incredible results with my morning stiffness. I believe if I use the Cryobus long term it will also begin to help with my pain. And that’s a substantial thing to hope for… I would recommend the Cryobus for anyone suffering from arthritis.


East Tennessee Spine and Sport Physical Therapy is on the cutting edge with the newest therapy for their patients. They are now the first outpatient physical therapy center in the area to have the Cryotherapy treatment. They were also the first to have MedX exercise equipment for strengthening the back and neck. I can attest to the wonderful effects from Cryotherapy. It has taken away soreness from my back, wrist, shoulder, and knees. In addition, it has alleviated pain and inflammation from autoimmune diseases I have. Since using Cryotherapy, I feel more energetic and I can tolerate colder temperatures. I recommend Cryotherapy for anyone experiencing chronic pain, joint discomfort, inflammation, and soreness from exercising.


I have chronic right hip pain as a result of a car accident more than 10 years ago. I was also recently diagnosed with a hip labral tear. My physical therapist, Greg Defilippo, has been instrumental in my rehabilitation process and helping me avoid surgery. The recent addition of Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions to my therapy program has made a significant impact. I have reduced pain/soreness in my hip, elevated energy levels, and improvement in my overall quality of life as a result of Cryotherapy.


I am a 17 year old high school pole vaulter. I train and compete all year round. I work out approximately 10-15 hours a week depending on the season. I started cryo after an injury where I fell on a faulty pit. I basically fell 13 feet onto a wooden pallet and really hurt my lower back. I had to compete 4 days later and was pretty desperate to find some relief from pain and swelling. I did the ETSS Cryobus and got almost immediate relief. The swelling went away quickly and I hardly bruised. I also felt like it helped my achy muscles. The second time I did cryo was before an event. I competed a few hours later and felt incredible. I try to do cryo once a week for muscle recovery and to improve my performance. It’s like a good long warm up. Better for me than massage or ice baths, which I’ve used before. I’ve also needed less anti inflammatory medicines since I started the Cryobus. It’s quick, easy, and painless. I love it.

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